Share your ideas with the world, be unique and choose to stand out

Worldmapx is a new generation of advertising spaces, and the biggest advertising map on the whole internet, based on the real administrative divisions of countries.

This is the perfect social network for marketing your business, and sharing your ideas and life events in a totally different way.

Worldmapx is the first map-based society that gives every individual the chance to represent their thought and dreams in a way that has never existed before.

Core Benefits

draw on lands

Why do you need to pay for traditional street advertising panels or annoying pop up ads when you can choose an entire city to represent your pictures and ideas. With Worldmapx, people will browse your images and websites during their tour around the world. Every day is a new challenge with new owners. Visitors clicking your website by mistake is no longer suitable in advertising. All you have to do is to take the suitable piece of the map and share it with your connections.

Connect with the world

Each piece of the map has its card which contain the land content like(your status,images or a website preview,history log and visitors profiles.) being a user on Worldmapx ,will give you the ability to visit others' lands and see who visited your lands. This helps you improve your posts reach and stay in touch with others

24 hours protection

Each land will be protected for 24 hours to prevent other users from taking it. This period will be renewed everytime you update your land content.

Spread your website

We provide land owners the opportunity to add a preview of their websites in the land content to increase the traffic, add creative headlines and send invitations for your blogs.

You don't have your own website yet? No problem,we can build one for you

Gifting lands

Can't buy a star? Buy a land instead. A land with lots of shared memories between people would be a priceless gift for someone you love. A gift icon will appear on the land with the name of the perosn, pictures, and words of their choice.

Share you lands

it is time to tell everybody about your lands. This is how your land appears on social media websites like Linkedin,Facebook,Twitter after sharing your URL.

Resell your land

Move your experience to the next level and get profits by reselling your land

You will be allowed to add the desired price for your land, It will appear on your land content,but you will not be able to use Worldmapx transaction until 1% of total world map is sold


we focus on the value you will recieve after having a land on Worldmapx. our prices start from $100/year for most lands including upcoming updates,new features,security and much more

We also offer building your Website ,starts form $500,To send people from your land to your website.

Buying a land(The offer you can't refuse)


on most of lands

start from $100/year

Upcoming features & updates

Renewal priority for the current owner

Build your custom website (Coming Soon)

starts form $500

1 Domain included

SEO friendly

Your custom features

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