Frequently Asked Questions:

Can anyone take my land after purchasing?

Worldmapx sticks to its slogan "built to last",your lands will remain yours as long as you don't break the terms and the privacy policy of this site.

What happens when I break the terms

you will be warned on your email ,and your data will be removed..if the breaking is frequent,your membership will be suspended

Is there any restriction on buying specific regions?

We recommend people to take the lands which relate to them and leave the chance for others to take theirs.otherwise.thers is no limitaitons or ristriction on taking wherever you want on the map.

How can I resell my land?

After purchasing land,you will be allowed to add the desired price for your land,this will appear on your land contect,but you will not be able to use Wroldmapx transaction system until 2% of total world map is sold.

Can I remove "gift" icon after gifting to somebody?

No you can't.Gifting is a seperated feature using only by those who really want to show up their gifts.

if you have any question,please feel free to contact us on